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Rae's LJ
The rants of insanity!
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13th-Sep-2016 09:25 am - My tweets
11th-Sep-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
  • Sat, 17:35: RT @Stephen_Georg: Mal's new Super Mario RPG painting is gorgeous—I'd love to see it get some attention. Share it around, Internet 👍 https:…
  • Sat, 20:06: We usually don't cook on weekends. My mom decided she wanted Taco Bell, so she has 6 crunchy tacos. I call it Taco Mountain!
  • Sat, 22:25: I'm freaking level 75 now, drop the damn Sword of Kings already!!!
  • Sat, 22:41: I fought so many enemies in the Stonehenge base, even after running away from most, that my dad deposited $252,000! GEEZ!
  • Sat, 22:42: And I talked to my dad right before going into Stonehenge base too, sooo...that's a lot.
  • Sat, 23:22: @Stephen_Georg Also, random, but I'm going through another Earthbound playthrough. Got into Stonehenge @ level 49, left @ level 76. -_-
  • Sun, 08:59: #WhereWereYou I was in English class, in 8th grade, as teachers explained to us what happened. Many students were pulled out early.
10th-Sep-2016 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Fri, 14:47: Got my bloodwork done for the spinal tap and they actually got me first try! Easiest blood draw I've ever had.
  • Fri, 15:10: Playing Earthbound again, in Stonehenge base, & went from level 49 to 69 with no Sword of Kings Drop. Dad's called me already too. Uuuugh
  • Fri, 15:13: Mind you, I'm at level 69 even with running away from battles. I try to get them alone now though cause I insta-kill.
  • Fri, 17:23: Ever since I got my blood drawn I've been in a super fatigued fog. I ate, I drank orange juice, but just can't concentrate.
  • Fri, 17:23: And I have a HW assignment due in a few hours that I need to get done. Whoops.
  • Fri, 20:30: Please give me suggestions on how to get enough energy to focus and get my HW done that's due in 3 hours...so exhausted.
  • Fri, 20:49: RT @SU2C: Every donation, big & small counts. Let's create a world where every cancer patient is a survivor. Donate now at https://t.co/SqC
  • Sat, 09:21: So it begins...I'm out of Allegra so I might as well start now with not taking it...
  • Sat, 10:50: Fat-shaming doesn't work. You want to encourage someone to lose weight? Be a good support system. Be constructive. Don't shame.
  • Sat, 10:51: There are some people in this world who can take negativity and shaming and use it to light a fire under their asses. Most can't do that.
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9th-Sep-2016 12:00 pm - My tweets
  • Thu, 15:33: Thanks to gift cards and coupons I spent only $10 on my little pre-birthday haul 😍 https://t.co/BBa5Kh5TEQ
  • Thu, 16:20: Butthurt Baby Boomer women told me I'm acting childish and need to grow up because I find Richard Dawson from Family Feud creepy AF. LOL
  • Thu, 16:20: You kiss women "for luck", without permission. Every single freaking woman on the show, you go in for the kiss. On the lips. CREEPY SHIT MAN
  • Fri, 10:01: My dad couldn't afford the PlayStation systems for my brother & me, but he got us a Dreamcast. :) https://t.co/1yHx5kucmj
  • Fri, 10:04: Really not looking forward to stopping my Allegra for my allergist visit. I'm allergic to our cat and dog & Allegra is my relief ;_;
  • Fri, 11:49: Hey @PhillyD, for your news, is there a type of news story you refuse to cover? Not counting entertainment, lol.
  • Fri, 11:57: Hey @PhillyD I would like one of those copies :)
8th-Sep-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
  • Wed, 22:25: Slow cooker pulled chicken in cream cheese, ranch seasoning, and crumbled bacon. So good 😍 https://t.co/LlHMldnhCa
  • Wed, 23:37: Anybody have inexpensive birthday celebration ideas? Mine's coming up and I'm super broke but will be back home in NJ w/friends.
  • Thu, 09:22: RT @mschaseycakes: Made some #HarryPotter sugar cookies! Accio milk! ✨ #GBBO @pottermore @MuggleNet https://t.co/VXEMFKLL0Z
  • Thu, 09:23: I have an allergist appointment coming up in 2 weeks. I was told to stop taking antihistamines 7 days before...WHY YOU WANT ME TORTURED?!
  • Thu, 09:23: Seriously, I'm gonna be a mess. Literally, because snot will be everywhere and I won't stop sneezing. Ugh. Noooo
  • Thu, 09:25: The good news: I caught up on a subject's HW because I enrolled later in the Add/Drop period last night!
  • Thu, 09:26: As long as I get this week's HW done by this weekend, I'll be all set. WOOT!
7th-Sep-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
  • Wed, 00:38: Ended up in the heartwarming section of YouTube. Video of a paralyzed doberman walking & running again gave me all the feels 😍
6th-Sep-2016 09:44 pm - My tweets
  • Tue, 19:25: Made dinner tonight. Ham steaks, baked potato, and asparagus. 😍 last night I made stuffed pepper casserole!
  • Tue, 21:22: This was Monday's dinner. I'll call it stuffed pepper casserole. It's the filling that you'd put… https://t.co/8LDG9BtaZh
4th-Sep-2016 03:10 pm - My tweets
  • Sat, 15:27: Just did another friend trim. I feel good in doing so. No use having people in my life I don't really like. It isn't right for either of us.
  • Sun, 14:13: Today is a homework and grocery shopping day. Time for a trusty To-Do list!
3rd-Sep-2016 12:00 pm - My tweets
2nd-Sep-2016 12:01 pm - My tweets
  • Thu, 13:51: @PhillyD I know you haven't asked what stories we want covered, but what's happening to Aurora shooting survivors deserves to be covered.
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